Skin Tips

Winter Skin Tips


Winter usually means dry skin.
Vitamin C
Topical use daily of a stabalized form of vitamin C is recommened for all skin types. As we age free radicals breakdown the bodys Vitamin C and healthy collagen production declines. Visible result is loose and wrinkled skin. Vitamin C replenishes the skin aiding in the production of new,elastin collagen. I recommend a product "Cellex-C" which contains Vitamin C, Zinc(collagen building and aids in reduction of acne) and Tyrosine(amino acid needed for promoting cell renewal)
As we age our skin cell turnover slows down which is important for healthy looking skin. Exfoliation is recommended 2 times a week at home to rid the skin of dead skin cells bringng new fresh cells to the surface. Products will penetrate better creating maximum results. Deeper exfoliation treatments are recommended every 4 weeks performed by myself with a professional peel or microdermabrasion(partical free). Resulting in cellular renewal promoting healty, glowing skin!
Whether your skin is oily,normal or dry it is important to hydrate with serums and creams. Argon oil is known as the "liquid gold for the skin". Use of hyaluronic acid, amino peptides, antioxidants and organic oils.
It is very important to hydrate from the inside, out. Drink at least 7 - 10 glass of water daily to hydrate the body as well as our skin. Add lemon or cucumber for a treat! Dehydratd skin can look dull, less firm and cell renewal is slowed down.
If you love your skin your skin will love you back.



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